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All-inclusive design & strategy services for purpose-driven brands

For those who want to do things* differently, I’m your partner-in-design, shaping brands the planet-friendly way,to achieve more than business-as-usual.

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Your journey to sustainable branding starts here.
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Sandra Hurkova
Sustainable Brand Designer

Struggling to Build a Brand That Works (& Converts)?

Does your brand feel invisible? Is your website attracting crickets instead of your ideal clients?  

Here's why you should care:

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Lost revenue and missed connections
An unclear brand confuses potential customers and keeps them from aligning with your values.
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Frustration and wasted effort
Pouring time and resources into marketing that doesn't convert because your branding doesn't work is like throwing spaghetti on the wall.
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The opportunity to truly make a difference
With a brand that resonates, you can truly maximize your impact.

The good news is that you can turn frustration into clarity with a strategic brand identity and a website that reflects your values and resonates with your ideal customers.

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What your brand needs to thrive

A brand that...

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Captures the essence of your mission and values
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Attracts the right audience effortlessly and turns it into raving fans
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Drives conversions and grows your business, the planet-friendly way

... is a brand that presents a valuable asset nurturing connections and setting you apart.

That's exactly what I help purpose-driven businesses like yours achieve through these tailored & sustainable offerings:

Explore my services and see how I can help you create a brand that truly works for you!

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''Sandra was able to take on different design challenges with ease and always delivered high-quality results.''

Angel Mitev, former CEO, Sciant
''I have always been able to rely on Sandra to produce exceptionally high quality work''

Melissa Legards, former Marketing Manager, Middlesex University

Hand-in-hand to success

I'll guide you through my carefully curated steps to create a solution that will satisfy all your brand's needs and desires (even the ones you didn't know you had)

In a nutshell, this is what awaits...

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Uncover your unique brand story by diving deep to discover the reasons that set you apart.
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No more chasing crickets! We'll pinpoint your ideal audience and their needs, shaping a strategy that’s good for you, your brand, and the planet.
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Bring your vision to life with stunning visuals and user-friendly design. I'll translate strategy into visual design solutions, bringing your brand to life, and then apply it across all necessary physical & digital touch-points.
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Warning: I play bold. Do you?

Challenge the ordinary & let's shape your brand with passion.

Are you a firecracker who:

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    Believes design has the power to tell stories that move hearts and minds.
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    Works hard, plays harder, and finds joy in the journey?
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    Knows that "why" matters?
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    Craves shared values, transparency, and honest communication?
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    Gets fired up by passion-driven approach?
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    Sees sustainability as a must-have, not a trend?

If you checked most of these, buckle up – we might just be soulmates :)
Let's create something awesome together!

we’re a match!
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Turn your values into your greatest asset, today!

Start empowering your brand by downloading the Purposeful Brand Playbook.

It'll help you get started on building a brand that is good for you, good for your audience, and good for the planet.
Learn about the importance of your brand values and how to make the most out of them. Put your newly gained knowledge into practice with easy-to-follow steps.

+ real-world examples

Good call you clever thing!

Your Purposeful Brand Playbook is on its way!

Check your inbox (including junk) to get your hands on it immediately.

While you wait...

I'd like to invite you to explore my website to see all the offerings I've got for you. And if you fancy a dose of knowledge and inspiration check out my social media or my insights.

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Invest in a Brand that Reflects Your Purpose & Profits

This is the beginning of shaping your brand into one you’re proud to stand behind.

Option 01 - sliding into my DMs
for those who are ready to get down to business

In case you’re feeling a bit nervous before investing, that’s okay. We will first get to know each other, and check our vibes over an e-drink of your choice.

psst. don’t worry the first one is on me :)

let's do it

Option 02 - stalking me on socials
for those who need more time or info

I love meeting like-minded humans who are passionate about living and what they are doing. So don't be shy and say hi! 

Here's an easy icebreaker for you - ask me how I got into the design :) 

Option 03 - getting inspired
for those who want to learn something new

Immerse yourself in my insights. Sharing pearls of wisdom about planet-friendly design & mindset.

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